The Ultimate Messier Object Log (TUMOL)

Updated March 6, 2009

NOTE: TUMOL may not work with Windows Vista, expecially in 64-bit mode. If you have problems with it, please emal me.

The PDF version of TUMOL has been updated to R3.2 to fix a bug in the Messier Marathon sort order

TUMOL is now Mac OS X compatible! See "TUMOL News."

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What is TUMOL?

The Ultimate Messier Object Log (TUMOL) is a FileMaker Pro 6.0 database that contains relevant information for all 110 Messier objects. It contains various layouts to assist amateur astronomers in documenting their search for deep sky objects.

I have tried to include EVERYTHING an amateur astronomer might want to see regarding Messier Objects: pictures, astronomical coordinates, space for notes and viewing comments, descriptions, etc. It is sortable, printable, and customizable by you, the user. I humbly submit that it is one of the most useful tools you will encounter to assist you in searching for and viewing Messier Objects.

(Screen shot)

There are now three versions of the Ultimate Messier Object Log:

All versions of The Ultimate Messier Object Log are "giveware." If you enjoy using it, I ask you to give it to a friend. Also, please "give" me an e-mail and tell me what you think. Or click on the Amazon Honor System link below if you'd like to show your appreciation on a more tangible way...

Click here to see a description, instructions and comments for the Ultimate Messier Object Log. You'll want to print or save this text.

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