Overlooked Objects Log (OOLog)

Updated November 7, 2011

 Need a tool to log your search for Messier objects? TUMOL 3.0 is released! Visit the TUMOL page.

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Learn everything you need to know about your eyepiece collection on The Eyepiece Calculator page.

Sky Spot Publishing has a new Web site where you can get Brent Watson's excellent finder chart books: http://www.sky-spot.com/skyspot.html

NEW (11/7/2011): Updated Mac Version to run with OS X (finally!).

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What is OOLog?

The Overlooked Objects Log (OOLog) is very similar to The Ultimate Messier Object Log, except it deals with the 45 objects in Brent Watson's excellent book, "Finder Charts of Overlooked Objects."

These objects include the Blue Snowball, Saturn Nebula, Owl Cluster, Veil Nebula, North American Nebula and other worthwhile sights. While many of these objects are beyond the reach of smaller scopes, some can be seen without a scope at all! (i.e., The North American Nebula.) And one object, the black hole Cygnus X-1 cannot be seen with any visual scope and is included as sort of a curiousity.

I recommend you buy Brent's book — I get no benefit from this, by the way — and use the OOLog to find these enjoyable deep sky objects.

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OOLog is "giveware": If you like it, I ask that you give it to a friend. Also, "give" me an e-mail and let me know what you think. Your suggestions are invaluable, and will help me to improve OOLog in the future.

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