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Updated February 21, 2005 

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Following are the most frequently asked questions I get regarding TUMOL, TSOL, TCOL and OOLog.

1. When I download the file, all I get is some weird .ZIP/.HQX/.SIT/.BIN document. When I click on it, it isn't recognized by Windows/Mac, and I get an error.

2. When I download the .PDB file for my Palm, I get a .BIN file. I can't decompress this to get a .PDB file and if I change the extension to .PDB, the Palm software does not recognize it.

3. What are the system requirements?

4. When I double click on the TUMOL, TSOL, OOLog or TCOL database, I get an "Application not found" error.

5. Why do you do this?

6. If it's all for "fun," then why all the links to Amazon, etc.?

7. What's your next project?

8. May I link to your site?

9. May I distribute your programs from my site?

10. Can I use your software to create a log book, then sell the log book?